Welcome to Litter Less.

Litter Less is a litter education resource for students in years 4, 5 and 6, and aims to provide authentic learning contexts in which to understand and respond to litter and littering issues.

If you are new to the Litter Less program, you will need to register to access the free resources.

In the teachers section of the site you will find all the resources you need to teach the Litter Less unit of work, including:

  • curriculum tables for years 4, 5 and 6
  • the complete Litter Less unit of work
  • all the activity sheets and resources required for each lesson
  • PDFs of the Larry Litter story – the audio book can be found in interactives in the student section
  • a litter audit data submission form – you can submit your school’s litter audit information to us so we can find out what is happening in schools.

There is also a student section which includes:

  • interesting facts about litter and littering
  • fun and engaging interactives (audio book, ocean current interactive maps, animations and more).

Note: From time to time Keep NSW Beautiful may visit your school to deliver education programs and share information. You may be asked to complete a ‘Student Survey on Litter’ before or during our visit. A copy of this survey can be found in the side menu.