Would you like to find out more about litter? Maybe you’d like to know how long certain items take to break down, or how litter travels from one place to another. Check out these fun interactives to find out more.

Larry Litter story

Join Larry on his journey from supermarket shelf, to school lunchbox, to ocean garbage path. Find out how he travels so far and what could have been done to avoid it.

Australian ocean currents

Find out more about the ocean currents surrounding Australia.

Global ocean currents

Find out more about global ocean currents and how they contribute to the creation of marine garbage patches.

Litter break down

Drag and drop the litter onto the break-down times to find out how long some common items take to break down.

Litterbug animations

See how the actions of eight different types of litterbugs contribute to the littering problem. Drag the slider bar to play the animation.